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Welcome to Addinova

We principally focus on developing and producing speciality and performance-based food additives. The products which influence and improve the quality of our customer's products further which adds value to their end-product.

We at Addinova

The core competencies of Addinova lies in its beliefs, its quality and its sustainability. Since we have been a part of this industry for over two decades, we specialise in producing high-end solutions. We vouch to eliminate the existing inconsistencies in the baking industry. After thoroughly scrutinising the market demand through our research, we identified the prevailing problems of the customers. Our team of specialists individually dealt with those issues to produce a safe and clean line for the customers.

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50+ Options of Premixes and Improvers Listed Under Addinova Brand.

The Era of Highly Adulterated

Even in the baking industry, there has been a considerable rise in low-quality alternatives.

At Addinova

We have commenced on a journey of introducing speciality food ingredients that is free from any sort of artificialities and healthy for our consumers.

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Why us?

Premium quality ingredients and additives make

Addinova the successful brand it is. To curb the unfair trade practices in the system, we undertake strict quality control measures. The professionals at Addinova conduct thorough testing of each premix and improver before finalising it for the commercial market.

Customer Quality

We want the absolute best for our clients. Thus, all our food ingredients are of the highest quality as we ensure to follow the recommended dosage as approved by the food regulatory authority of India (FSSAI).

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The challenges in the food industry aren't impossible to eradicate. The goal of founder Nilesh A. Bhagat is to put his experience into work and create a line of baking premixes and improvers that customers cannot resist themselves from having.

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The founder of Addinova, Nilesh believes that the employees make the company successful, and the customers give the company brand identity. A business can only be brand if the end customer is satisfied.

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Core Competencies

we specialize in producing high-end solutions. We vouch to eliminate the existing inconsistencies in the baking industry. After thoroughly scrutinizing the market demand, we identified the prevailing problems of the customers.

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Business Policies

Addinova is constantly looking for methods to attain the highest grade of quality for our ingredients and additives. We are adapting to changes and our products undergo multiple trial and error programs before finalising anything.

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Our Products

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit where we produce our products. Thus, Addinova is looking forward to bringing new flavours, premixes and additives with every passing day.

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