A prominent name in the food industry for over 25 years.

Addinova has located the existing issue in the system. Thus, we have commenced on a journey of introducing speciality food ingredients that is free from any sort of artificialities and healthy for our consumers.

Owner Nilesh A. Bhagat had a dream to launch something that will add value to society and hence, Addinova was born. Addinova is simplifying baking at home with our premium cake premixes, bread premixes and improvers. Our performance-based food additives enhance the tastes of your home-baked cakes or loaves of bread.


Over the years, we have closely worked with leading players in the industry to offer our expertise for improving their end results. After catering and customising to the specific requirements of our clients, we launched a range of products for our household consumers. As there is a large number of consumers around the globe who prefer vegan and vegetarian diets, we came up with the perfect options. Our specialists have curated eggless premixes that your taste buds can relish.


Addinova has experimented with flavours for obtaining confectionaries like tastes. Also, we wanted to provide different options to choose from to our customers and suppliers.

As the world is getting more inclined towards sustainability and becoming quality-conscious, Addinova is working towards reforming the long going ill-practices of the industry. Addinova will build a healthy community for the customers.