We are familiar with the fundamentals of ingredients that improve the quality of Cakes, Breads,Cookies and Biscuits.

The cake and bread premixes we offer taste authentic and rich in flavour. It will remind you of your grandmom's specially baked confectionaries. Besides, it is free of those chemical odours as we deliver naturally prepared premixes. On the other hand, the improver will add volume, freshness, flavour colour and traditional texture to your homemade bread. Our improvers will even provide long shelf life to your baked treats if all the baking and sanitary standards are followed.Next, it will prevent the bread from getting hard or stale and keep the tenderness of the pieces of bread intact. We follow the global standards to produce safe and exceptional premixes and improvers.


Business Policies

Addinova is constantly looking for methods to attain the highest grade of quality for our ingredients and additives. We are adapting to changes and our products undergo multiple trial and error programs before finalising anything. We pledge to maintain the quality, experiment with our products and present the best solution for our customers as well as clients.


Customer Quality

Premium quality ingredients and additives make Addinova the successful brand it is. To curb the unfair trade practices in the system, we undertake strict quality control measures. The professionals at Addinova conduct thorough testing of each premix and improver before finalising it for the commercial market. We want the absolute best for our clients. Thus, all our food ingredients are of the highest quality as we ensure to follow the recommended dosage as approved by the food regulatory authority of India (FSSAI). Moreover, we are currently waiting to attain FSSC 22000 Certification so that our clientele can trust us for quality and safety.We know how valuable is fitness and health in the modern era. Therefore, all our products are nutritious. Addinova wants to build a community where end customers can trust our range of products.



There are several key players who are playing significant roles in the success of Addinova. To start with, we listen to the demands of our customers and suppliers. But to attain success, the company heads constantly launch new opportunities. Employees are integral aspects of a company. You need to widen opportunities for your fellow employees for keeping them motivated. As a company, Addinova is open to welcoming new opportunities for refining the experience of our clients. Limiting ourselves to the fundamentals of businesses is not what Addinova stands for. Hence, we believe in listening, creating and embracing new opportunities.

Code of Conduct

Acompany needs to lay down the basic pivotal points of the code of conduct. Thesemust be implemented for maintaining a healthy work environment. As a result, Addinova has been established in the foundations of honesty, transparency, and affordability. We seek to maintain the exclusivity of our range of premixes and improvers by following global safety. Besides, our manufacturing units are safe for our employees to work. We conduct routine check-ups on our different types of machinery for ensuring the safety of our employees. Addinova follows the code of conduct and integrates them amongst fellow employees for safe operations.



When founder Nilesh A. Bhagat started Addinova, he wanted to launch a brand that will promote healthy living. From day one, Addinova aims to be a successful business on ethical grounds. We completely refrain from unfair trade practices for achieving our goals. Unlike other brands, we prioritise quality as we feel that Addinova has a social responsibility towards society. We produce high-end premixes and improvers that are available for the customers at affordable rates. The ideologies of our employees align with that of our company's ethics. Thus, we can vouch to declare ourselves to be a company that is climbing the ladder of success in an ethical manner.


Addinova is legally bound to maintain complete confidentiality of our valuable customers, suppliers and clients. We understand how much you respect your privacy, and so do we. All the purchases made from Addinova as well as the purchase history, addresses, personal details, payment related details and other information will be recorded in a secured database. It can be used to improve the quality and user experience of the customers, suppliers and clients. But we will not share any personal details with third parties without our customers, suppliers and clients' consent. With Addinova, you will always feel safe.


Addinova has established a dedicated R&D centre for testing and conducting improvements in our products. The sole purpose of having an R&D centre is to upskill our techniques, the quality and the sustainability factors. Through our research, we gather scientific proof for innovating and bringing changes. Also, our employees are trained at regular intervals for making them familiar with the latest technologies. We know that the market is evolving constantly and that we do not limit ourselves to obsolete techniques. Addinova is always going to eye for ingenious ways to upskill and implement the manufacturing process and overall operations.