Egg Based Cake/Muffin Mix

This collection offers the best-selling quick, easy, and delicious recipes for cakes. Cake mix recipes are one of the most popular and It’s easy to make, the best part about cake mixes is that the process is so easy that even anyone can use with the details.

No. Product Description Size Enquiry
1. Royal Chocolate Cake Mix Rich chocolate Sponge Mix 5 Kg Enquiry
2. Royal Vanilla Cake Mix Rich Vanilla Sponge Mix 5 Kg Enquiry
3. Royal Vanilla Pound Cake Mix Super Moist Vanilla Pound Cake 1 Kg Enquiry
4. Royal Chocolate Pound Cake Mix Moist Chocolate Pound Cake Mix 1 Kg Enquiry
5. Royal Vanilla Muffin Mix Egg Based Rich Vanilla Muffin Mix 1 Kg Enquiry
6. Royal Chocolate Muffin Mix Rich chocolate Muffin Mix 1 Kg Enquiry