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When it comes to eggless options, Addinova is the right choice, The usual problem of commercial products that are available in today's market is the range they offer. Apart from some basic flavours, the customers fail to find a wide selection of flavours as per their preferences. Thus, the consumers have no other option but to make their cakes or loaves of bread from scratch. Besides, it is an extremely time-consuming process.

Egg Free Celebration Cake Mixes

Egg Free Specialty Premixes

Egg Free Concentrates For Sponge

Egg Free Concentrates For Cup Cake

Egg Based
Cake/Muffin Mix


Bread Improvers Bread Mixes

Cookie and Biscuit Improvers

Cake Gel Premium & Standard

Over the years, we have closely worked with leading players in the industry to offer our expertise for improving their end results.

After catering and customising to the specific requirements of our clients, we launched a range of products for our household consumers. As there is a large number of consumers around the globe who prefer vegan and vegetarian diets, we came up with the perfect options. Our specialists have curated eggless premixes that your taste buds can relish.

We strive our best by giving our customers a competitive esge by offering suprior service and premium quality products at the most competitive price.