The goal of founder Nilesh is to put his experience into work.

The vision is to put his experience into work and create a line of baking premixes and improvers that customers cannot resist themselves from having. From the inception of the brand, Nilesh's ultimate vision is to take Addinova to a global scale. With our revolutionary products, we want to become the global player when it comes to a variety of food ingredients and additives. We are always open to new ideas for creating customized solutions. By being honest and transparent in our process, we want to be everyone's trusted brand.


A business can only be brand if the end customer is satisfied.

But it's the employees of the company who make fortunes for the business. Without employees and loyal customers, a brand wouldn't exist. Therefore, Addinova's mission is to cater to the customers, suppliers, employees and even society by trying to live by their demands. We aim to create a safe environment and experience for all the major contributors of Addinova. As a company, it's our collective responsibility to co-exist in a manner where everyone will be benefitted.